• Bold marks the most recommended version(s).
  • Normal font signals recommended fallback versions in case the previous option fails you (bug reports welcomed).
  • Striked versions are not recommended (either because they’re too old or have known critical bugs).


Jool 3.5 is a compliant SIIT and Stateful NAT64.

3.5.6 is the latest version. It is also considered the most mature version of Jool.

Download SHA512 MD5 Git commit
3.5.6 SHA512 MD5 Link
3.5.5 SHA512 MD5 Link
3.5.4 SHA512 MD5 Link
3.5.3 SHA512 MD5 Link
3.5.2 SHA512 MD5 Link
3.5.1 SHA512 MD5 Link
3.5.0 SHA512 MD5 Link

Older releases

Versions 3.4 and below are no longer supported because of licensing issues. You can still find the old releases (and corresponding documentation) in the release repository.